Perry William Kelly

Iceman: Kickboxing Legend Jean-Yves Theriault
Perry William Kelly

Iceman: Kickboxing Legend Jean-Yves Theriault Kelly Cracks Jean-Yves Iceman Theriault's Code of Silence

(Ottawa, Ontario) Jean-Yves Theriault was called the Iceman and ruled the 1980's as king of the kickboxing world. When many professional fighters' careers lasted a few months, Iceman Theriault was a world champion for over a decade. Yet, even at the height of his fame, world champion Jean-Yves Theriault was an enigma to his many fans. - until now. On May 20th, at the World Kobudo Federation's World Conference at Gatineau's Palais du Congres, author Perry William Kelly is releasing an in-depth authorized biography entitled Iceman: Kickboxing Legend Jean-Yves Theriault that crack's the Iceman's code of silence wide open.

The book follows Theriault's struggle from the boyhood death of his father, his placement in foster care and survival on the mean streets of the inner city to becoming world champion. Martial Arts action film star Don "The Dragon" Wilson calls it, "A roundhouse kick to the heart and a must read for any martial arts fan who wants the inside scoop on what it takes to become a world champion".

Filled with never revealed facts about his life and his tenure as champion, the book also provides blow-by-blow accounts of his greatest fights. Featuring hours of interviews with Theriault and five other world champions opponents, this inspirational book has been highly praised by those in the fight game.

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