Perry William Kelly



Cracks the code of silence on World Champion Kickboxer Jean-Yves "Iceman" Theriault

WHO: Perry William Kelly, author, lawyer, martial arts expert

WHAT: Iceman: Kickboxing Legend Jean-Yves Theriault

WHEN: Anytime by appointment

WHERE: National interviews by phone; personal appearances in key Canadian and U.S. cities

WHY: To provide your audience with a stimulating source for information about the life and career of this sports legend

To make your job easier, here are some background questions and answers

What is your book about?

Iceman is the inspiring story of a young man overcoming tragedy, hardships and setbacks to rise to the top of his chosen profession, kickboxing, by the strength of his own will and determination.

Why did you write it?

Theriault is a legend in Canada but only a few people knew about his courageous journey to become champ. I thought that everyone should know. Iceman is dedicated to "everyone who has ever succeeded after being told that they couldn't."

I also wrote it because I believe that young people need to be inspired by sports icons that don't trash talk their opponents, complain about what salaries they make, or take performance enhancing drugs.

How did you come to write Iceman?

When I was a student at Therien Jiu-Jitsu I was beaten up so many times by his brothers I thought I was one of them, so I approached Jean-Yves with the idea for Iceman about five years ago at the launch of my book about Dan Inosanto (Bruce Lee's protégé). You know, Jean-Yves is such a humble guy it took me about a year to convince him we should do it, and we've worked on it ever since.

What are the highlights of Iceman?

The book follows Jean-Yves from birth until present day. It covers his rise to prominence in the Kickboxing world despite many hardships and setbacks and his career/life since then. Iceman has chapters on the major fights in his career so that younger readers can imagine themselves at ringside. My personal highlights are the interviews with other world champions he fought, his mother and daughters, and where he answers questions posed by his fans.

Who published Iceman: Kickboxing Legend Jean-Yves Theriault and where is it available?

Iceman is published by SKELVAL PUBLISHING and it is available through my website, and The Martial Artist store on St. Joseph Blvd in Orleans, Ontario.

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