Perry William Kelly



"Perry, Thank you for writing the book Dan Inosanto: The Man, the Teacher, the Artist. I hope I can live up to your book. My best to you always."

Guro Dan Inosanto

"This is one of the best interviews I have ever done."

Dana White, UFC President

"Thank you for the "very entertaining" story [on me]... the flavor that you write with is unique... enjoyable read!"

Bruce Buffer, UFC Announcer - The Voice of the Octagon

About The Thinking Officer's Guide to Defensive Tactics

"For the past decades, Mr. Kelly has attempted to enhance the survival skill and defensive tactics of police officers through his articles in several police magazines and through his teachings. While recognizing his past contributions to police officer safety, I am happy to see that Mr. Kelly has put together a text of this material which will be an asset to the law enforcement community."

Hon. Herb Gray former Deputy Prime Minister of Canada

"I have had the opportunity to read a number of RCMP Gazette articles written by Perry William Kelly, and I have encouraged him to continue sharing his expertise with the police commuity. His recent book is a richly detailed, important and very timely treatment of this subject which will contrribute greatly to the safety of police officers everywhere."

Jean T. Fournier, former Deputy Solicitor General of Canada and Ambassador to Australia

"Congratulations to Perry Willliam Kelly for writing a book that deals with officer safety in a meaningful way."

Brian J. Ford, former Chief of Police of Ottawa, Canada

"Mr. Kelly's book provides a unique and insightful treatment of self-defense and martial arts preparedness for professional peace officers. As a career police officer having served with colleagues from many other countries on United Nations service abroad, I would commend this work to a broader, international audience of police and security professionals."

Graham Muir, Assistant Commissioner of the RCMP and former head of international policing in Haiti


"Perry's energy, focus, and outgoing spirit is an inspiration.  He's a positive role model and a peaceful warrior."

Dan Millman, author of The Peaceful Warrior

"He's the type of in-shape black belt role model we admire."

Martial Arts Success Magazine 2009

"Perry William Kelly has been an inspiration to me. As a professional actor he has worked with me through martial arts teaching me how to be more focused allowing me to create believable characters. With his guidance and training learning to maintain a focused routine I've even become a better golfer."

Jim R. Coleman, (middle) movie and televison actor, star of Nickleodeon's "My Brother and Me" and producer and lead actor of the upcoming golf series "Strokes"

"It has been a pleasure and a delight having Mr. Kelly at my dojo teaching us the “Filipino Martial Arts” system of self defence. His knowledge and expertise in this art is second to none. His teaching style, coupled with humor and historical facts has elevated my students’ knowledge and training spirit from the basic techniques to the more advanced ones. All students, including myself, have benefited from his knowledge and teaching methods."

Norm Beauchamps
7th Degree Black Belt, Sport Jiu-Jitsu World Champion

"I would like to thank you, once again, for another fantastic seminar. The students greatly enjoyed the material taught and your superb teaching style. Your knowledge is truly vast and the personal touch you give each student was appreciated by all.

On a personal note, I would like to thank you for the private lesson. As the head instructor of a school, it can be hard to find the time to train and hard to find qualified teachers with such knowledge. Your attention to detail in my training and quality of material ensures that I can also progress without traveling around the country, which allows me to focus on my students."

Shihan Randy Cooligan

"Perry William Kelly, whose martial arts credentials speak for themselves, is also an excellent communicator. His seminar presented at Stronger You Martial Arts was informative on the subject of Muay thai skills and at the same time respectful to the karate audience to which he was speaking.  Thank you Perry for sharing your vast knowledge and experience with our humble school and for doing so with passion and verve. My only complaint is that the time slot was too short."

Sensei Sally Datars, Stronger You Martial Arts

"That seminar was a lot of fun. Our friend Mr. Kelly is quite impressive when it comes to his meanness and dirty fighting skills."

Jacky (Jacqueline) Freeman, Weapons Seminar Attendee

"Perry William Kelly, is a true leader in the Martial Arts Industry. His writing and technical expertise are top of the line and making a big impact on the world. This is clearly evident in his colorful and very well written book Iceman. Mr. Kelly sets a high standard for us all to follow and leads by example."

Bill Kipp - Founder FAST Defense Inc

"Perry has vast knowledge on MMA. The techniques and concepts he teaches takes into account the realities of ring fighting, which would ultimately bring more victories to fighters while reducing the potential for injuries.  Perry is an excellent motivator, both physically and mentally, keeping you on track with your progress and training goals. If you follow his guidance, you'll get results. You couldn't ask for a more versatile, knowledgeable and effective MMA coach."   

Lori O’Connell, Amateur MMA fighter, Vancouver, B.C.


"Perry William Kelly has a very unique background and experience, having served in various capacities in the law enforcement community, having trained with some of the world's best martial artists and defensive tactics instructors, and being able to effectively communicate, both speaking and in print, with his audience. Perry is, bar none, the best interviewer and researcher in the global martial arts community. Perry is one of my "go to" guys regarding defensive tactics and martial arts."

George Demetriou, NYPD (Retired), Modern Warrior Defensive Tactics Institute

"Mr. Kelly was a guest lecturer at the Algonquin College, Police Foundations Program. He taught an in-service lecture on weapons concealment and inmate assault tactics. I found his knowledge and teaching methods to be outstanding. We are happy that he has agreed to continue to share his knowledge with the program and would suggest that other program coordinators look into the value-added that he could bring to their programs."

Professor Tess Porter, Police Foundations Program, Algonquin College

"I had the pleasure of meeting Perry several years ago at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center’s Defensive Tactics Instructor Certification Course. Although Perry attended the course as a student, his advanced skills and experience were quite apparent. His participation improved the quality of training and undoubtedly had an impact on future curriculum. He was a consummate professional and refreshingly humble considering his credentials."

Brian Reihms, US Federal Government Criminal Investigator

"I attended Mr. Kelly's "Prisons as Gladiator Schools" presentation at the National Use of Force Conference. He educated us about improvised weapons, prisoner tactics and strategies for officers. His presentation was phenomenal, and far exceeded my expectations. I recommend any Law Enforcement or Correctional Officer attend this presentation. You won't be disappointed!"

Jeff Quail - Inventor of Shocknife, Tactical Officer and Setcan Instructor


"Mr. Kelly has worked for us as an expert regarding the standard of care provided in a detention center. He evaluated the facts very precisely and in depth and his expertise report was of good quality. We appreciated working with him."

Isabelle Gauthier, Lawyer
Ménard, Martin, Avocats